Salvatore Carovilla is an accomplished commercial photographer with both in house and free lance experience. He managed the in house photo studio for a $400M company in the Midwest, supervising their photography staff before setting up their West Coast visual arts operation which he ran for the past 8 years. Salvatore is highly collaborative and visionary, and is exceptional at client management and customer service.

In addition to his commercial endeavors, Salvatore has continued to pursue photography as art.  He is constantly exploring new subjects and techniques, building his own cameras and photographic equipment to achieve desired visual outcomes.  He has traveled extensively on assignment for stock photo agencies, visiting no less than 25 countries.  His work demonstrates how inspired he is by the people, places, and cultures he’s found.

Salvatore Carovilla was born in Italy and before moving to the US was a commercial product and fashion photographer.  He received rave reviews for his exhibitions in both Milan and Chicago, and has had an outstanding response to his two self-published books.  His keen eye for capturing comparisons and contrasts is expressed in a unique style that is all his own.

Salvatore lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Elaine